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Justin is the founder and CEO of the global geopolitical and security risk firm, Sibylline. He is an acknowledged authority on business intelligence, global risk analysis and governance, vice-president of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP) and author of 'Corporate Security Intelligence and Strategic Decision Making'.

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  • For The Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/uk-s-transition-eu-31-december-business-b1586928.html

    Comment on Brexit:

    In the army you are taught to assess risks, says Justin Crump, military veteran and chief executive of strategic risk consultancy Sibylline. He has considered the future beyond the end of the transition period in December and is confident it’s all under control.

    “We are very lucky in the services sector – and 80 per cent of the UK economy is service-based. I don’t anticipate any real business interruption. Europe isn’t any hassle, even with the changes. It’s not keeping me up at night.”

    He founded Sibylline 10 years ago and advises clients on various threats from money laundering through to armed conflict. Business demand for risk assessment has doubled in size over the last three years, and this year is looking just as healthy – and the company is recruiting. His core clients include global businesses and range from oil and gas through to technology, hospitality, even NGOs. Some 20 per cent of business takes place in the EU – “a big proportion of our profits”.

    He does anticipate minor changes in VAT, billing entities and the movement of people within the EU. “Our services may have to evolve a little if we need to put people on the ground. We may have to work with local partners or start a local company,” he says. His company hires from around the world, so he’s already familiar with visa procedures: “This just brings Europe in line with what we do already in countries such as Brazil, India, the US or Singapore.”

    While exporters and manufacturers face changes next year, “we are not seeing panic among our manufacturing clients. The key really is making sure businesses stay abreast of the situation.”

    A weaker pound since 2016 has helped make exporters more competitive. And while the turbulence of the pandemic has impacted some smaller firms’ preparations for UK transition, it has made many businesses more resilient and able to improvise. “I think businesses who can prepare have largely done so. Those who are hoping it will all go away might get a big surprise.”

    25 May 2021
  • Daily Express: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1379039/Russia-news-latest-cyberattack-UK-hacking-hackers-brexit-UK-airspace


    Justin Crump of Sibylline strategic risk consultancy has warned Britain could be targetted.

    He said: “While China is pragmatic, Russia has already shown, with the Salisbury poisoning, that it is willing to do things that are not in their best interests just to embarrass us.

    “We should not be surprised if it attempts to make us look unprepared for our post-Brexit world this year."

    25 May 2021
  • Daily Express: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1391386/Argentina-UK-war-Falklands-War-latest-update-tension


    Former Army officer Justin Crump, chief executive of risk management group Sibylline, said: “While full-scale military action is more or less inconceivable, symbolic action by Argentine special forces remains a viable option for Buenos Aires to shore up domestic support, despite the risk of diplomatic consequence.”
    “With unrest likely in coming months, it is possible President Fernández might welcome the symbolic gesture a special forces raid would represent,” said Mr Crump.

    25 May 2021