Kaeshier Fernandez

Financial Education Coordinator and Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor at Redstone Federal Credit Union
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I am a University if Alabama alum who majored in Commerce and Business Administration. My general interests in the world of Finance had led me to such an all-encompassing degree program, but I am also finding more interest in the software development aspect of Computer Science. I am now attending Auburn University’s online Bachelor’s in Computer Science completer program. I would love to take my experience in the banking industry and my understanding as a front end user of the applications that my credit union utilizes and apply both in order to develop software that will help create a more efficient banking experience for both consumers of banking services and the employees at financial institutions.

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  • If you were on auto-debit payments before March 13, 2020, your loan servicer will contact you before suspension ends to confirm whether or not you want to stay on auto-debit. Not responding to these communications could automatically end your auto-debit.

    10 April 2022
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