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Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Kara ran away to San Francisco in 2015 and started Whimsy Soul, a popular lifestyle and body positivity blog brand. All about helping women find their everyday magic, Kara focuses on detailed travel guides to help readers take PTO in confidence, real talk with body positive and mental health chats, inclusive style inspiration and tons of fun little things - like cocktail recipes to watch along with the newest Marvel drop.

Whimsy Soul reaches over 1 million women monthly through whimsysoul.com, Instagram, TikTok and other social channels. Kara started Whimsy Soul on a futon mattress in her empty San Francisco apartment at the age of 24 with nothing but a broken laptop and a dream, but now manages a team of 5 and scaled Whimsy Soul to be a 6 figure business. She has worked with brands like Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, and Sephora. Whimsy Soul has been featured in publications like Cosmopolitan, Apartment Therapy, Forbes and reposted on large accounts like Visit The USA Instagram.

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  • So come high school when I was dealing with weight gains (as most teenage girls encounter as we grow) it felt like at first, my skin didn’t fit in, and now my body shape didn’t fit in. I found myself obsessively working out multiple times a day. I didn’t eat carbs for a whole year. My body is built to be curvy, and that was hard in the 2000’s when the style was low rider jeans and tight tank tops. We didn’t have inclusive media like these days, so I always was battling with what I thought my body had to look like. I was always trying to get skinnier so I could be “normal” and accepted.

  • You have to change your clothes and sense of style when traveling to avoid pickpockets. When I lived in Italy, I brought nice jackets and dresses. When I went to China, I brought light and simple pieces that weren’t too flashy. Nothing ever has large English words or big American brands on them. Wearing outfits that shout, ‘HEY I DON’T LIVE HERE,’ is asking to be stolen from.

  • "Planes are dirty, and I used to get sick after every flight until I started packing and using hand sanitizer after I use the bathroom — that lukewarm water just does NOT do a good job killing germs! I also put some on before eating because I know other things I touch on a plane like trays, seat belts, etc aren't cleaned very often. Call it overkill, but I haven't gotten sick from traveling in ages, and it's a product I think a lot of people overlook when flying."

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