Kara Patterson

Founder and Digital Marketer at Destination: Live Life
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Kara is a highly-collaborative leader with extensive experience working with cross-functional teams across geographies. She is a highly-adaptable, and have grown accustomed to changing focus, teams, clients, and location on a quarterly basis, all while delivering the utmost quality work product on strict deadlines. Her communication skills are top notch and are regularly demonstrated through presentations to executive management, effective communication "up" to departmental leadership and efficient and timely communications with my engagement staff.

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  • Recognize that travel is a privilege that many don't get to experience ever. I've met people in the US who have never left their home state, and people abroad who have never been to the country next door. Those of us who are lucky enough to get to see the world are just that: lucky. We will get to do it again someday, but many, many others never will. Be thankful for that.