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Karolina Rzadkowolska is a certified alcohol-free life coach who helps powerful women make alcohol insignificant in their lives. She’s worked with thousands of clients through her online courses and coaching to change their drinking habit and unleash a new level of health, happiness, and potential to go after their biggest dreams. Her book Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You (HarperCollins) is out on bookshelves on January 4th. She’s the host of Euphoric the Podcast, founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free, and her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Popsugar, Authority Magazine, Greatist, and Elite Daily. Karolina’s passionate about helping you discover what really makes you happy outside of a beverage and design a life you love. She would love to hear from you at www.euphoricaf.com.

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  • "I assumed that the only reason you’d stop doing something unhealthy like drinking was because you had a massive problem. Not just because you might want to get, er, healthier. What a strange paradox!"

    21 December 2021
  • "Every reason under the sun is valid for you to be here, to reevaluate an outdated relationship with alcohol or unconscious habit. Alcohol-free is the next wellness revolution, and no one needs to adopt a label to try it."

    21 December 2021
  • "Just think about how many options we have today: vegetarian, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and so on. With so many socially acceptable lifestyles that involve giving up entire substances or food groups, is it really so crazy to go alcohol-free? Must there be a “story” behind why you’re alcohol-free or a stigma in choosing not to drink?"

    21 December 2021
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  • Euphoric AF
    Founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free
    started Jul 2018
  • Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You (www.euphoricbook.com)