Kassandra Lefakinis

Co-Owner & Managing Partner at Valef Yachts and 1 other company
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Managing Partner at Valef Yachts International & Founder of Opuntia Luxury Oils

Valef Yachts is Greece’s first yacht charter company founded back in 1969. The well-established mega-yacht charter company and family-owned and run business embarked on a generational change with a new management team led by the women of the family. Kassandra Lefakinis is one of two sisters leading the sector into the future as co-owner and managing partner of Valef Yachts.

Kassandra's organic self-care brand OPUNTIA Luxury Oils features a skin-healing and aromatherapeutic blend of rare botanical oils sourced from the Mediterranean.

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  • “Greece reflects the soul. Being out on the sea feeling the elements looking into an endless horizon, your mind and heart and soul go different places. It’s a priceless experience.”

    22 November 2021