Kat Hammer, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Thriveworks
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Kat is the Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Thriveworks with over 26 years of experience working with youth, adults, and families who have experienced trauma in a variety of settings. Her philosophy of care has been influenced by working in the field of sexual and domestic violence, her training in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and feminist theories, as well as her own life experience. Kat understands how trauma influences stress, our bodies, mental health, and safety in the world. She believes that racism, sexism, and LGBTQ phobia can cause people from being authentic, safe, and whole. We all exist in a larger context and our well-being is not in isolation from our relationships and experiences of others. Each of us deserves to know our worth and value. Kat recognizes that each of us is the expert of our own life.

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  • Pride is an opportunity to get out information about what’s available in communities. Educate yourself, find your resources, and do not ever think that you’re by yourself. The process of counseling can decrease isolation and provide a safe space to express concerns, but it’s also important for people to ensure that they find a therapist that makes them feel safe and that they feel a connection with. They should try people out, and if someone doesn’t feel good, trust that.

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