Kathleen Jordan

Chief Medical Officer at Midi Health and 4 other companies
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Dr. Kathleen Jordan has spent decades working within the traditional healthcare system before branching out into digital health, leveraging innovative technology to care for patients in a more human way. She has extensive hospital & health care industry experience inclusive of VC funded health care homes, telemedicine, brick and mortar clinics, and hospitals.

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  • As long as these tests show nothing suggesting an anatomic cause that should be treated, like removal of a fibroid or polyp or possible cancer, medical management is considered. This would typically be oral contraceptive pills or cyclic progesterone or often off-label use of a Mirena IUD, which is a very effective way to manage heavy or irregular bleeding up to menopause.

  • On average, this happens to women at age 51, though the timing varies significantly. As our ovaries begin to secrete less estrogen, we enter a roller coastering of hormone levels that trigger a variety of symptoms, a stage known as perimenopause, and for most women it occurs throughout our 40s, if not earlier.

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