Kathy Sheehan

Senior Vice President at Cassandra
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Kathy is the Senior Vice President at Cassandra. She is a global strategic marketer who turns consumer insights into actionable business strategy for Fortune 500 clients. Kathy have spent a large part of her career identifying cultural trends and generational insights that drive successful innovation opportunities for my clients. She have both agency and client-side experience in marketing, communication and brand strategy, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and predictive analytics.

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  • Young consumers want to follow influencers who are relatable, who don't act like influencers and who fit seamlessly into the social bubble they've curated on their feeds. This is important knowledge for brands to understand when deciding to partner with an influencer as well as creating their brand's online social media persona: be a friend, not a salesperson, and create content that fits within the context of the digital communities you want your brand to have influence over.

    1 July 2021
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