Kay Khemani

Managing Director at Spectre.ai
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Kay is a Hatchworks investment committee member and managing director of Spectre.ai. He was a former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in investment-research. Prior to that he worked at JP Morgan Cazenove.

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  • In response to a recent survey produced by eToro that found 'roughly a quarter of the 6,000 investors queried own crypto, a number that increases to nearly 50% for the younger cohort.' (Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-08-29/hottest-crypto-coins-are-now-the-bitcoin-and-ether-alternatives?sref=ixa22l65):

    Kay Khemani: "Crypto readiness in the younger cohort of retail traders will be naturally higher, so the results of this survey only reinforce structural growth in this nascent space. Couple this with Robinhood’s recent results that showed higher than average activity in crypto and it becomes evident that the line between investing and trading in the traditional sectors vs digital assets is getting increasingly blurred. Favourable regulation in the future will only accelerate this trend."

  • On Robinhood Q2 Results:

    Kay Khemani: “Although crypto transactions still account for a small amount of total retail trading activity in America, Robinhood’s Q2 results show a disproportionately large share of volumes driven by digital assets; specifically meme coins. And this isn’t any surprise, Robinhood has a far younger audience that is more switched-on to day trading high beta assets and crypto meme coins are all about high-beta/high volatility.”

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