Ken Lineberger

Founder and CEO at Waters Edge Wineries
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After spending nearly 20 years in sales and marketing with a large software company, I co-founded The Wine Tailor in Rancho Cucamonga along with his wife Angela in 2004. I saw an opportunity to take the best of what I had experienced in the corporate world to a small business model. I envisioned building a template that could be replicated in other venues across the United States.

With the model perfected, Waters Edge Wineries was created as the franchise brand in 2012 and began selling winery franchises nationwide. I led our sales efforts to help bring the right people into our system and the visionary to grow our model significantly over the next several years.

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  • The thing that I capitalize on is that 80% of the wineries in the U.S. are in just six states and so our goal is to bring the winery experience to the other 44 states.

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