Kendrick Wong

CEO and Co-Founder at Omnilytics
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Kendrick Wong is CEO and Co-founder of Omnilytics, a retail analytics platform that delivers real-time market intelligence to retailers and financial market clients worldwide. Born into a family of entrepreneurs with start-up experience across Europe and Southeast Asia, Kendrick was featured in Forbes’ 2019 Asia 30 Under 30. An active investor in the region, Kendrick co-runs a private equity firm investing in startups, venture capital funds, and blockchain companies within Southeast Asia in addition to conducting traditional investments out of a family office.

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  • You went from basically having to compete in your physical locations, whereby your competitors are the people that are surrounding you, to having to compete literally everywhere else around the world.

    1 November 2021
  • article
    1 November 2021
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    CEO and Co-Founder