Kennedy Bingham

Bridal Stylist & Influencer at Gown Eyed Girl
On the record

Kennedy is a bridal brand developer and operations manager with extensive background in team development, marketing, and back end operations. It is her belief that bridal is an industry with widely untapped potential. Her mission is to show the variability and accessibility of the wedding world. No two people are the same, so no two weddings should be either. Kennedy have branded "GownEyedGirl" to bring wedding inspiration to platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. We currently have over 800,000 subscribers and followers across all platforms. Our platforms receive nearly 30 million views a month and hold a 25% average rate of engagement.

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  • I'm of the mentality that weddings and bridal are two different things. My husband and I eloped in Vegas. We've never been wedding people. The idea of having this giant wedding sounded so anxiety-inducing. So when I think about nontraditional bridal, it's really just removing every tradition you've ever thought of when it comes to who is a bride and what it means to be a bride. We do commitment ceremonies, I work with a lot of trans brides, lesbian brides, a lot of brides who are men who just want a really cool outfit.

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