Kenneth L. Eshleman, CFP

Senior Wealth Advisor at Domani Wealth
On the record
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In his role as a Senior Wealth Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, Ken sits down with clients to learn as much as he can about them, including their backgrounds, careers, interests, and families. From there, it’s a natural progression to learn about their financial goals and objectives and start to build a plan that fulfills those ambitions.

Ken works closely with Domani Wealth’s Investment Strategy group. Together, the team collaborates to build portfolios that align with clients’ financial goals, cash needs, and appropriate risk levels. As time progresses and the financial plan evolves, he most enjoys seeing clients’ financial aspirations realized.

“I love finance and navigating the markets,” Ken says, “and my favorite part of any day is when I get to meet with clients to review their investments and overall financial planning.”

Ken not only works with individuals and families but is well-known locally for his guidance with nonprofit and institutional boards. A good listener and thoughtful advice-giver, he gains a deep understanding of the organizations and then develops tailored plans to meet each client’s objectives. Ken has a long history of serving as a board member for organizations throughout Lancaster County.

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