Kenneth M. Miller

Professor of Political Science at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)
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Kenneth Miller is an assistant professor of political science with expertise in elections, polling, campaign finance, and political communication. His teaching and research at UNLV focuses on how money affects American political campaigns and what happens in Congress.

Miller's past work has investigated how the sources of funds affect the content of campaign messages, the behavior of legislators, and the balance of power within party networks. He has also conducted research on the downstream effects of political communication — studying how images used in campaign advertisements affect perception of candidates' positions, and how the presentation of news affects how individuals choose which stories to read.

Before his academic career, he worked in political polling and consumer market research.

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  • That is an important number. When voters are registered Democrat, it’s overwhelmingly likely that they will vote for a Democrat. As a result, this election could be all about turnout. Democrats have a significant advantage there, if they can get their people to the polls.

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