Keren Moynihan

Co-Founder at Boss Insights
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Keren Moynihan is co-founder and CEO of Boss Insights, a data platform that digitizes access to business customer information accelerating all parts of the lending cycle (acquisition, lending decisions, onboarding, portfolio monitoring, cross selling) to deepen relationships and grow revenues. In 2020, a key focus for lenders is the prospect of looming defaults. Boss Insights analytics detect early warning signals, allowing lenders to take manual or automated, rules based action, to counter these risks. Keren has built a people-first company and recently Boss Insights was mentioned by CBC as a place where roles are fit to people. Boss Insights has been awarded Top 25 Leader in Lending, been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year (CSPN and The Timmy Awards) and AI Disruptor of the Year (IT World Canada). Boss Insights puts out regular content at

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  • PPP has seen some significant changes in a short time and we built the platform to be easy to adapt. It will calculate forgiveness as it’s required today and adapt to meet changes in legislation.

    21 May 2020
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