Kevin Crain

Head of Workplace Solutions Integration at Bank of America
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Kevin Crain is the Head of Retirement and Personal Wealth Solutions Research at Bank of America. In this position, he leads a team of experienced professionals, who create and deliver research focused on workforce aging, longevity, benefits diversity and inclusion, employee financial wellness and other workplace trends. The team shares their research through research pieces and national/local market events for the Bank’s associates, advisors, individual investors, institutional clients and their employees. Kevin is Chair of the Age Friendly New York City Commission and serves as Trustee for the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

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  • They may have had to transition to a different career in their 50s where they earn less money. They may still be fully employed, but that can mean different things. If you’re mired in debt in your 60s, deal with it now if you can. Start to reduce it, even if you take some of your long-term resources and assets to do that. The older you get, there’s more immediacy to it because you’re on a much more restricted time [frame] to handle it.

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