Kevin Hrusovsky

President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Quanterix
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  • Biomarkers continue to play an invaluable role in understanding how neurological diseases manifest, progress and respond to treatment. Building on years of innovation and a proven track record for successfully commercializing ultra-sensitive assays that disrupt markets and drive innovative breakthroughs forward, our p-tau181 version 2 assay kit offers researchers unrivaled visibility and specificity into this revolutionary marker in serum and plasma. The exquisite sensitivity of Simoa uniquely positions us to deliver on the promise of p-tau181 to pave new pathways in Alzheimer’s disease exploration, just as our neurofilament light chain (Nf-L) assay has transformed research for other neurological diseases. In particular, the impact of a high-definition, blood-based Simoa assay that rivals traditional CSF or PET scans could be revolutionary, with material potential for home sampling to enable early detection and development and approval of drug therapies desperately needed to improve outcomes for the millions of people living with Alzheimer’s disease today. This biomarker advance fits perfectly in our vision to transform reactive ‘sick care' into proactive asymptomatic precision healthcare.

    27 June 2020
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    President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer