Kevin Kunz

Co-Founder at AquiPor Technologies
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As Co-Founder of AquiPor Technologies, Kevin have spent years assisting in the development of an innovative and patented stormwater system that is designed to be a toolkit for integrated water planning. As industry professionals across the nation work diligently towards building a holistic approach to water management, they are striving to provide a solution for stormwater runoff that helps to keep the raindrops where they fall and become a reliable solution for our nations water integration needs.

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  • About two months in, I get a brick in the mail in bubble wrap that’s been completely decimated. We think the world’s on fire now. This was going to be huge. We made the decision that we had to transition. I had to tell this guy, ‘No.’ It was one of the hardest days of the venture. Starting out, the consensus we got was that permeable pavement is great in theory, but in practice, go out five years later, it doesn’t work. Our product is rock based and has the ability to survive longer term without breaking down.

    19 June 2021
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    19 June 2021