Kevin Moran

Co-Founder at beam
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As co-founder of beam, a CBD-forward holistic wellness brand, Kevin Moran is on a mission to humanize CBD through an education-first lens. Prior to founding beam, Kevin played professional baseball with the Chicago White Sox before career-ending injuries cut his time in the MLB short. Kevin embraced this roadblock and used it as a pivot into entrepreneurship. In 2018, along with his business partner Matt Lombardi, the duo co-founded beam after noticing a lack of transparency in the wellness industry.

With Kevin at the helm as co-CEO, beam is committed to offering effective wellness products that harness the benefits of natural, non-toxic nano CBD and other high-quality ingredients, empowering others to push their limits and pursue their passions by improving their physical and mental wellness. At the beginning of 2020 beam announced a $5 million Series A, led by C2 Ventures bringing the total raise thus far to $12 million, which includes a $5 million seed round in 2019, led by Obvious Ventures.

Kevin continues his personal pursuit for better by training in multi-disciplinary athletic and professional endeavors including CrossFit, Ironmans and marathons all while continuing to grow beam’s profile in the industry and innovating products that support and encourage each individual #pursuitforbetter.

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  • Beam is great for athletes, but the most rewarding piece of the journey is that it’s truly for everyone and making a broad impact across many different walks of life. Matt and I use beam to recover from workouts and sleep better after long stressful days, but my grandma (and all of her friends!) use it for arthritis in their hands. We often talk about how to help relieve stress and physical pain in everyone’s “everyday life” routines. Whether it’s after a long workout and a person has some aches and pains or if someone is just too stressed out to get some sleep, we believe Beam can help—CBD promotes homeostasis (balance) in the body, so it’s something that should be taken throughout the day!” (Forbes)

    12 December 2021