Kevin Murcko

Founder & CEO at CoinMetro
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A thought leader in FX, Crypto, Blockchain and Financial Regulation focusing on removing barriers and bringing real substantive change to capital markets globally, Kevin does not just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk. He frequently advises regulators and government bodies on matters relating to applying current regulations to new financial markets and instruments, regulatory sandboxes, and related topics.

As the founder of Coinmetro and a co-founder of Ignium, he is now looking to help shape a tokenized future and advance access to all people rather than the chosen few.

Kevin Murcko is a known face in the retail foreign exchange world. His company FXPIG was a pioneer in bringing transparency to retail FX, garnering him the unofficial title of one of the most transparent CEOs in the financial industry.

Kevin is a seasoned public speaker and an expert on a multitude of topics including tokenized securities, regulations, compliance, liquidity and risk management, trade and reg-tech, capital markets, economics, blockchain. If it has to do with financial markets or fintech in general, Kevin can speak to it.

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  • Kevin Murcko, founder and CEO at CoinMetro says; “Big funds have had access to data of traders that is not accessible to retail traders. Essentially using the retail traders’ data to trade against them. As bitcoin came with the promise of democratizing finance, this here is democratizing data. This data would usually not be available for the little guys. Barriers to entry are really high usually due to cost. We are giving this to all of our users for free. Because we feel they have a right to it.”

    13 August 2020
  • Kevin Murcko, the founder and chief executive of CoinMetro and co-founder of Ignium, also explained that while STOs are, in some ways, similar to ICOs, there are some key differences.

    “If we really compare the ICO bubble to STOs–ICOs were quite more innovative in many ways than what we currently see as far as security token offerings,” Kevin explained.

    Kevin Murcko, the founder and chief executive of CoinMetro.
    “I say innovative because, well, they didn’t have the regulatory burden–they should’ve had the regulatory burden, and that’s part of the reason why the bubble exploded.”

    “When we think about substantiveness, and how this market is going to last, regulation has to come into play–it has to,” Kevin continued. “Regulations are not put there to hinder–although, sometimes, they do hinder; they are there for a reason.”

    13 August 2020
  • “Trust is a big issue in STO adoption. Regulators think the best way of protecting investors is to stop them from investing. However, we all know prohibition doesn’t work; it didn’t work for alcohol and drugs, it hasn't worked for capital markets. People will always try to find ways to surpass barriers. This is exactly what happened in the ICO boom: issuers found a way around regulations and exploited it. This is why CoinMetro and Ignium are focused on working with regulators, rather than around them, and finding common ground rather than trying to evade them altogether.” - Kevin Murcko, CEO of CoinMetro.

    13 August 2020
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