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President and Founder at GEO Foundation
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Kevin D. Teasley is president and founder of the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation, a non-profit educational organization headquartered in Indianapolis. GEO Foundation was founded in 1998. Teasley is also founder of several charter schools including the Indianapolis-based Fall Creek Academy and Fountain Square Academy, the 21st Century Charter School @ Gary and Gary Middle College in Gary, IN, Pikes Peak Prep in Colorado Springs, CO, and GEO Prep Academy in Baton Rouge, LA. GEO Foundation currently manages and supports four charter schools including Pikes Peak Prep, 21st Century Charter School @ Gary, Gary Middle college, and GEO Prep Academy in Baton Rouge, LA.

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  • Parents have indicated over the past year that they’re interested in virtual and there are a lot of parents who are not coming back to traditional (school). You either get in the business of serving those kids who are not coming, or you lose out,” he said. “I want to make sure we can serve these kids.

    24 August 2021
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