Khyati Joshi

Professor of Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University
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Khyati Y. Joshi is a public intellectual whose social science research and community connections inform policy-makers, educators, and everyday people about race, religion, and immigration in 21st century America. She has lectured around the world and published ground-breaking scholarly and popular work in her field, while also serving as an advisor to policy-makers and as a leader in the South Asian American community.

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  • Sri will bring the experience of being Indian, biracial and of growing up in an immigrant community. As everyday people see someone whose life experience resembles theirs having a seat at tables of political power, they also see the power of their vote and a reason to get involved.

    28 April 2021
  • Asian Americans are considered forever foreigners. It is why you can have a third or fourth generation Asian American and it’s constantly, ‘You’re not from here.’

    28 April 2021
  • One is more likely going to find right-wing groups in the first generation, among immigrants. The pull for Trump is not just his romance with Modi, but the fact that Trump sold himself as a successful businessman.

    28 April 2021
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