Kim Long

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Dr. Kim Cliett Long serves as Associate Provost for Administration and Extended Education and Professor of Organizational Management at Wiley College. The Associate Provost for Administration and Extended Education provides campus-wide innovative academic leadership to enhance the undergraduate experience at Wiley College by spearheading the College’s most innovative projects in online learning and technology in the classroom, uninhibited by pre-existing culture and structures and by encouraging interdisciplinary initiatives in curriculum and pedagogy.

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  • We are not one of the diversity, equity and inclusion ever-evolving quick fixes. Instead, we are substantially raising the bar by validating our process against time proven, sound global standards and benchmarks that means evidence-based quality assurance and true accountability for companies willing to submit to a rigorous, internal-review audit. A consumer would not attend an unaccredited college or university or trust an unaccredited hospital or laboratory. Our accreditation process offers the same assurance in the business arena. Providing solid evidence of support for the diversities found among people in business environments is what our accreditation is about,.

    5 April 2021