Kim Scofield

Founder, CEO at Blonde Bad Wolf Consulting and 1 other company
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Kim is an artificial intelligence analyst, cognitive linguist, and private investor. She is the Founder and CEO of Space42, and Blonde Bad Wolf Consulting. Kim has an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Linguistics, and a research background that covers AI and predictive analytics research (specifically particle swarming), unsupervised machine learning, smart tutors, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Her focus is:
(1) decentralizing the global private investment ecosystem through investment funds, leadership training, transparency, and inclusion
(2) consulting and education for artificial intelligence, tech infrastructure, blockchain, and cybersecurity
(3) mentorship, education, and inclusion for the next generation.

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    28 June 2021
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    28 June 2021
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    29 June 2021
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