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Kimberly Stone, founder of, is a model and entrepreneur with a knack for recognizing creative talent and pinpointing successful lines. POSHGLAM started out as a side venture while Stone attended school. During the growth stages of POSHGLAM, Stone was a weekend entrepreneur while working as a Relationship Manager for an IT Staffing Augmentation Firm. Stone pushed forward with the development of POSHGLAM and it began to take reign in the online fashion industry. POSHGLAM became Stone’s primary career, and her full-time job.

From an early age, Stone indulged herself into the fashion world. She was an avid fashion magazine reader, made her own clothes in high school, took some designing courses with a local designer while in college and won the “best dressed” superlative in high school. Stone surrounds herself with other likeminded fashion forward individuals to help further establish POSHGLAM, and attributes its success to many helping hands that have assisted along the way.

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  • Carve your own niche. If you have a particular idea or preference about the industry, go with it. Tap into platforms that celebrate your originality. Form a social club or group around your particular interest and market it. There are plenty of people with common interests in the fashion industry. It’s all about reaching out to them. Eat complex carbs, drink plenty of water, detox and stay positive. Don’t let your weight define you. There are so many faces of diversity now and beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and variations.

    2 November 2021
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