Kirill Bensonoff

CEO and Founder at New Silver
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Kirill is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at New Silver. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in investing and building disruptive technologies. In his previous life, Kirill has successfully built and exited companies in the enterprise IT space and has helped over 30 early-stage companies as an investor and an adviser. Kirill has been an active investor in the private lending space for a number of years, and has a vision of how to make sure borrowers have the best user experience when securing a private loan, while using modern software to bring scale to the business.

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  • We are beyond excited to partner with MakerDAO and Centrifuge to continue to integrate real-world assets deeper into the DeFi ecosystem. We are looking forward to building more technologies to give real estate investors the tools they need to continue to thrive.

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