Kirill Bensonoff

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Kirill Bensonoff is an entrepreneur with a background in investing and building disruptive technologies. His experience consists of creating and exiting companies in enterprise IT and public cloud management. He also served as an angel investor and am in over 100 startups with a narrow focus on blockchain, fintech, and SaaS. Kirill has been in the crypto space since 2017 and started New Silver because of his passion for building new things and changing the current status quo. New Silver now sits as the first real world asset in the world to be approved by MakerDAO, a top 3 stablecoin.

Kirill is the co-founder and CEO of New Silver, a short duration mortgage originator and the very first real world asset to be securitized on the blockchain using capital from MakerDAO, one of the largest protocols. Together with Centrifuge Tinlake, New Silver has securitized over $25mm worth of US residential mortgages to date.

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