Kirkland Shave

Program Director and Lead Guide (& Certified Life Coach) at Mountain Trek
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Strong, focused, dedicated and nurturing — Kirkland embodies the essence of Mountain Trek. A park ranger and wilderness skills instructor for two decades, a certified hiking guide and a certified Life Coach, Kirk is a motivator who challenges guests to do more than they thought possible. His care and attention help guests make important and enduring lifestyle changes. Kirk walks the Mountain Trek talk…sometimes barefoot.

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  • Having been a Park Ranger for 25 years, I knew from first-hand experience the power of nature immersion on mental, emotional and physical health. Fitness trekking through sun-drenched alpine flower meadows, beneath 80,000-year-old glaciers, puts life in context and becomes fitness for the soul.

    30 July 2022
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    30 July 2022
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  • Mountain Trek
    Program Director and Lead Guide (& Certified Life Coach)