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There are hundreds of different brands of CBD, all with different formulations and promises, and they are not all created equal, says McKenzie Mann, hemp researcher and product development manager for Blue Forest Farms, a farm that grows high-CBD hemp and sells CBD products. Blue Forest Farms is a cutting-edge hemp start-up including a fully-organic farm located in Longmont, Colorado. It provides products and services including: unique and original hemp seeds and genetics, hemp plant biomass, extraction and processing, bulk oil, and white label services to the agricultural industry and farmers throughout the world. In 2020 Blue Forest Farms launched its consumer CBD line ( offering premium-grade, seed-to-shelf hemp products direct to consumers. Founded in 2016, Blue Forest Farms is passionate about the transformative power of hemp—at both the personal and global levels—and works with organizations focused on restorative justice, sustainability, women’s empowerment and community action.

Blue Forest Farms has established a large, worldwide network of industry wholesalers and high volume producers to ensure your product moves quickly, and for the best price. We offer everything from wet extraction, co2 and ethanol processing, contracted grow and wholesale distribution, seed sales, genetics and more. Leverage our in-house sales team and distribute your products efficiently and economically, at the best price. Our products, systems and practices are designed to streamline your growth, while meeting or exceeding state regulations. Part of this process, was researching, identifying, and isolating the best phenotypes and genetics for high CBD production.. Our mission is to help hemp farmers, product retailers and organizations create an environment where they can produce high yields with consistency, stability and quality at the forefront.

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“CBD is kind of the wild west these days,” Mann says. “Anyone can get in the business and there are a lot of so-called CBD products with little or no actual cannabidiol in them,” he explains. Mann adds that there’s a big difference between a bottle you grab at the gas station and a high-quality, independently tested product. In addition, different strains of hemp plants have different chemical makeups, making some better suited for helping with insomnia than others, Mann says. “Look for a strain higher in terpenes, a compound that has been shown to improve sleep,” he recommends, adding that a tiny amount of THC will compound the sleep-promoting effects (as long as it’s legal where you live).

Another option Mann suggests is to look for cannabinol (CBN) oil. CBN is a compound extracted from the hemp plant, similar to CBD oil, but has an even more powerful sleep-promoting effect.

“A full-spectrum oil will give you the CBN and terpenes along with the CBD so that’s always my first recommendation,” Mann says. For more advice, check out these expert-recommended CBD products for sleep.

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