Kovi Fine

Head of Operations at Amphy
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Kovi's background includes Economics and Business Administration (Bar Ilan), with international courses in Behavioural Economics (Prague) and on Design Thinking (Enschede, Holland). He has also worked with an AI InsureTech Startup in London and in Sales in Tel Aviv. He was the founder and CEO of Wekka (HR-tech startup), and took part in The Hive Startup Accelerator as well as Google Launchpad.

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  • It was a Covid-inspired project, really. That was the market analysis we did: we really wanted to do something around education, and we identified that while there were loads of opportunities for learning anything you wanted with recorded classes, there was almost nowhere you could find live classes in what you wanted to learn.

    18 October 2021
  • The new social commerce option of Amphy makes it easier and more affordable than ever to learn something new with the people you care about. Learning is most successful long-term when it’s social and there is a support system of fellow learners, and this enhancement fosters a strong community environment.

    18 October 2021
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