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Kraig Schwigen is currently a Principal at American Investment Migration.

Mr. Schwigen retired from his position as Chief Operating Officer of CMB Regional Centers in July of 2019. From July 2019 to March 2021 Mr. Schwigen provided consulting services to CMB. During his many years of employment with CMB, Mr. Schwigen served as Executive Director, Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, President and Chief Operating Officer.

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  • While there are a number of ways in which people of other nations can come to the US, most of them seem to fall short of the benefits and advantages of the E-2 visa program and AIM's unique approach to it. I believe one of the biggest detractors of the various US immigration programs is the lack of certainty. In contrast, I see the E-2 program differently because certainty comes about very quickly and most of the areas of uncertainty are under the control of the E-2 investor.

    21 July 2021