Kristen Dalton

Managing Director in New York at Bernstein Private Wealth Management
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  • Starting a new position in a virtual world is not what I could have expected. I find myself both surprised by and grateful for the immediate sense of intimacy, which takes much longer to build in an office setting. I have met almost all my colleagues and clients via video or phone, something I constantly have to remind myself of given how quickly we’ve connected. I know exactly what a client’s home décor style is because of the Zoom calls they’ve taken from their kitchen tables, home offices, and bedrooms — yet I don’t know how tall they are. I’ve worked with colleagues for years without ever knowing their spouses, yet suddenly they are walking by on video or interrupting to say that their young child needs them. While I yearn to return to office life, I am amazed by the bonds that have been created virtually.

    31 January 2021
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