Krystle Moore

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Krystle Moore is the founder of Pacific Shore Capital and San Diego’s leading expert in Commercial Financing and Real Estate Investing. She began her career at age 19 and now, with over 18 years of experience, Krystle has funded over $1B dollars in loans, helping over 1000+ clients with their commercial and multifamily financing needs. Between managing over 1000 units, rehabbing and designing countless properties, she is committed to sharing her immense knowledge and industry expertise with her clients.

She shares insights and strategies as the host of San Diego’s most popular Real Estate Podcast, Get In the Cashflow Game with K&K as well as her Pacific Shore Capital YouTube Channel. As a commercial financing and real estate investing expert, Krystle is dedicated to helping people create generational wealth and financial freedom.

Krystle’s expertise has been featured in SD Voyager and the San Diego Business Journal and spoke on investing in Real Estate for the “MAX NOI” event.