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Founder and CEO at UNest and 2 other companies
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Ksenia Yudina is the Founder and CEO of UNest, the first mobile app to make it easy for parents to save for their kid's future. UNest’s pioneering approach combines Ksenia’s unique insight into family savings and investments with industry-leading technology that eliminates the complexity of researching and applying for 529 college savings and UTMA plans. Previously, Ksenia was a Vice President at Capital Group/American Funds, the largest 529 provider in the U.S. In this role, she played a leadership role in helping parents plan and manage their finances, with a focus on the future well-being of their children. Prior to Capital Group/American Funds, she was founder of a residential real estate company.

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  • As UNest has expanded its product offerings, its user base has continued to grow, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic during which many parents are spending more time with their kids.

  • College savings app UNest raised $9 million in a Series A funding round that saw Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures make another investment in the startup. The funding round was led by Anthos Capital and included an investment from NBA All-Star Baron Davis, who has also been named a brand ambassador.

  • We all know saving for college is hard – it’s a huge expense, which is why student debt is out of control (currently at $1.5 trillion) and still growing. This data shows how extreme the problem has become. The fact that parents are willing to sacrifice their own well-being to reduce the cost of college puts into perspective how large this crisis is, and the toll it’s taking on families across the country.

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