Kurt Shintaffer

co-founder and CFO at apptio
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Kurt is the co-founder and CFO at Apptio. With more than 20 years of financial and operational management experience, Kurt has led Apptio through key milestones and achievements, which include raising $136M in venture capital, taking the company public in 2016 with a $110M IPO, executing a $144M convertible note offering in 2018 and closing an acquisition deal with Vista Equity Partners to take the company private in 2019. In addition, through his leadership Apptio has continued to expand globally and has acquired a number of high-profile companies in the cloud space. As the CFO, Kurt oversees several key departments across the business including Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, IT and Facilities.

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  • We're well accustomed to pivoting how we take our products to market, and messaging them based on the market we're in. Imagine going to market in 2008 or 2009. Our message was: we can help you reduce costs in a smart way. We have data on managing IT costs; knowing where you’re standing with IT is delivering good business value.

    8 May 2021
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    8 May 2021
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