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Laëtitia Gnago, MBA, CPTM, MCCT, PPPC is a passionate Thought Leader with over 20 years of Corporate experience. She has worked in a variety of industries including Investigative Services, Healthcare Administration, Economic Consulting, Government, Financial Services and Convention Management. She holds a Master of Business Administration as well as several certifications in Talent Development and Management. As a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist and Alignment Success Architect, Laëtitia’s expertise helps professionals at all levels develop their Strategic Thinking acumen and maintain Success Strategies. Her expertise tackles Career Wellness at all levels. She teaches, coaches and has written books on the skill of Alignment. which is essentially a combination of how we show up and strategic thinking acumen, as a Competency via her platform: Alignment University. Laëtitia serves on the Board for the Association for Talent Development’s Metro DC Chapter. She also collaborates with educational foundations to help promote higher education helping at-risk students with little motivation, resources or family support in enrolling into College thus securing their professional futures. Laëtitia is the founder of Aligned Corporate Experiences, a professional development services firm.

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  • "Being in Alignment is a Powerful Place to Be" ~ Laetitia Gnago

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