Lamine Zarrad

SVP Head of Product at ZenBusiness and 1 other company
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I'm an explorer with a passion for product building and inclusion, expertise in banking and appreciation for finance, a personal code that compels me to not break things ... too much. Other interests include: human engineering, evolutionary biology, automation, economics, and public policy. Generally, unafraid to aim too high and miss. Absolutely terrified to aim too low and hit.

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  • Since the onset of the pandemic, ZenBusiness has experienced an explosion in customers, with over 150,000 entrepreneurs getting their start on our platform since March 2020. This rapidly growing population of micro business owners is in need of accessible and worry-free financial products and services that take the stress out of running and growing a business. With ZenBusiness Money, we are fulfilling that need and democratizing financial services technology for small business owners by equipping them with a full suite of business banking solutions typically reserved for bigger corporations.

    11 November 2022
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