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The time of Innovation and re-invention continues! Specializing in Business, Education, Entertainment & The Arts

After I did my very first movie in Hollywood, I remember praying to be a businesswoman as well as an entertainer. The request paid off because now I work on both sides of the screen, the mic and the corporate conference table. Consequently my core competencies include harnessing both the creative and the business elements of marketing, media, advertising and sales. I work with my long time associate Lee Bailey's online content publishing platform as the new Digital Media & Sales Strategist and also as an independent marketing & media consultant, Under my independent company Shall Be Productions & SB Media, I help entrepreneurs and small businesses develop their brand messaging, marketing strategies and promotional campaigns. I also produce creative content. I am most proud of the therapeutic drama group that I conduct weekly at a mental health facility for teens. I love music and I am unapologetically Jazzy Rita and unequivocally excited about connecting with people who not only think outside the box, they dance on it! Seize the day, before the day ceases.

What Jazzy Rita can do: Marketing and media relations; digital strategy, broadcast journalism, producer, content creator, TV and event hosting, writing & research, community outreach, social media, programming, business proposals, copy writing & brand management. I can also provide consultation on new advertising trends such as real time bidding, programmatic buying and trans-media. I am also a speaker, a workshop presenter, host and advocate of developing both your personal and business brand.

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  • EURweb is the best day job ever. You’re still in the business but get a bird’s eye view of how major entertainment brands market, promote, budget and execute their campaigns.

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    V.P. of Business Development and Special Projects