Larry Robinson

Chief Technology Officer at Clear Capital
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Larry Robinson is the Chief Technology Officer at Clear Capital.

About Larry:

I began writing and selling software at the age of 14 and while that isn’t unheard of today, when I was younger that sort of thing got you noticed.

Since then I’ve built and sold several technology companies and had plenty of time to figure out what makes me successful but I still haven’t been able to answer the question, “Why me?”

Because the truth is I am surrounded by intelligent, driven and passionate people all of whom I know simply need that same stroke of luck I got in order to transform their corner of the world.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur and relentless competitor who uses my experience guiding others with the hope that one day they can also ask the question “Why me?” I deeply love technology, people and solving big problems.

I specialize in building teams and cultures that win. I’m doing that now at Clear Capital with a team of people who will forever change the way markets buy and sell homes.

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  • “All the excess communication, the constant checking in with people — you don’t have the mechanisms to distribute information and context as easily as you did before so everything becomes more deliberate and purposeful and requires you to have a thoroughness,” Robinson says.

    And that makes IT leadership even more of an around-the-clock role. “The way I think about it is I have to be there for my teams and direct reports during the day and I will do my own work in the evenings and on weekends,” Robinsons says. “I think that’s a common pattern.’’

    14 December 2021
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