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CEO at EnergyFunders
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Laura joined EnergyFunders in Spring 2021 after previously serving as the CEO and lead geologist of Century Natural Resources. Laura, along with her partners, founded Century in October 2018 with $75M in private equity sponsorship. In her role as CEO, she guided the company’s development and management of approximately 150,000 acres in the Powder River Basin. This included organic development of both conventional and unconventional assets, ranging from PDP to exploration plays. Before leading Century Natural Resources, Laura worked in explorations and operations for Anadarko Petroleum’s U.S. onshore assets. She’s also worked for various private equity-backed companies on regional and asset level mapping, log interpretation, risk analysis and deal evaluation. Laura is a geologist by training - earning her masters in Geology from The University of Texas at Austin and her bachelor’s in Geology from The University of Colorado. Laura’s experience in deal evaluation and risk analysis - from both a geological and financial perspective - makes her the perfect candidate for achieving our key objective: elevating the quality and reducing the risk of investments offered on the platform. Laura is helping lead the emerging movement towards ESG-principled investing. As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, she’s passionate about mentoring and recruiting more young women into the industry.

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  • All the people running for office in Texas right now are pro-bitcoin and want to make it easier for Texans to mine bitcoin. It appears that most Texan political candidates running for various offices in 2022 plan to make the bitcoin mining industry an integral part of Texas’s energy infrastructure. We’re going to see exponential growth in the bitcoin mining industry in Texas. Our customers are earning profits in bitcoin or dollars, it’s their choice…We’re waiting for more of our miners to arrive from China, we’ve already got one tranche of mines in.

    26 June 2022
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    23 March 2022
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