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Owner at Holiday World
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Leah Koch is the Owner at Holiday World. Leah is passionate about designing data-driven, strategic business development and building sustainable competitive advantages through industry analysis. Leveraging her design thinking and Qualtrics training, she is most comfortable leading brainstorming sessions and leveraging customer experience and market research data to formulate and implement long term strategic company initiatives across operations, marketing, and financial divisions.

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  • What that means is. Instead of another water coaster, which might start you at the top of a hill or take you up a conveyor belt, this one is going to take you down a little hill, and shoot you straight forward and then up a hill. It’s going to be tons of fun, and it’s nice and cold. You can go out, enjoy your time and you’ll get a time to come back. You’ll wait maybe five to 15 minutes.

    22 September 2021
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