Leo Simonovich

Vice President and Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity at Siemens Energy
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Leo Simonovich is the vice president and global head of industrial cyber and digital security at Siemens Energy. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Siemens’ industrial cyber security business worldwide.

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  • This creates a situation where it’s hard to detect threats in time for them to be stopped and — in some cases – even apply basic hygiene measures to protect yourself.

  • As new threats emerge, Eos.ii seamlessly integrates their known characteristics into automated defenses, and allows for easy manual updates to its rules-based detection engine. With Eos.ii, defenders spend less time on routine tasks and more time conducting powerful investigations.

  • Most energy companies struggle with the complex technological and economic challenges involved in monitoring, detecting and preventing cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. Our MDR, powered by Eos.ii, solution, is the first AI-based platform built to provide visibility and context across the energy industry’s digital operating environment in time to stop attacks.

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    Vice President and Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity