Lesley Spellman & Ingrid Jansen

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Ingrid Jansen and Lesley Spellman are the UK’s leading authority on decluttering and organising your home. Helping overwhelmed homeowners in London and Manchester as Organise Your House and The Clutter Fairy respectively, they cut to the core of the emotions that hold us back from having a clutter free, organised space that we want to live in and be proud of.

With 24 years combined experience in the organising world and after 4 years leading the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers as president and Head of Mentoring, they joined forces as the Declutter Hub to bring their expertise to a global audience in the online world. Their hugely successful Declutter Hub podcast is in the top 1% of podcasts worldwide with approaching a million downloads. With over 15000 members in their thriving Facebook group, they also provide tailored support to people all over the world using their Reset Your Home System which provides just what people need for a successful decluttering journey.