Lia Bartha

Founder & Creative Director at B The Method
On the record
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Lia Bartha is the Founder of B The Method. Lia has worked with Martha Hunt and Aubrey Plaza, to name a few. She's also married to actor Justin Bartha (National Treasure and The Hangover).

A former dancer with scoliosis and multiple injuries, Lia first created her method, which is a mix of highly unique pilates-based, low-impact movements, with inspiration from dance and swimming, to strengthen, restore and protect her own body. Low impact, deep, energizing and restorative, B The Method is a carefully curated sequence of transformative exercises, oftentimes using only a small stability ball, which lengthens, strengthens and protects your entire body. Slow, intentional movements flow from one to the next to ensure every muscle works throughout each session. The classes have a wide range of variety from 15 minute series to 60 minute series, also including categories like cardio, meditative, deeper focus and length & reach.

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