Lindsey DellaSala

On the record

Originally from St. Augustine, Lindsey began her career in real estate shortly after graduating from the University of Central Florida. After living in Orlando for four years, she knew St. Augustine was where she wanted to live and work. She is currently the managing partner of Ancient City Real Estate, as well as the co-owner of Ancient City Title. She is also the founder of Poise & Aplomb, an online women's boutique and is in the process of writing her first children's book.

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  • Buyers often want to put their own stamp on a home and have it reflect their taste. Let's say you decide to upgrade your backsplash before selling. The trendy statement tile you love may not be what a buyer is looking for, and that could hurt, rather than help, your chances for a speedy sale.

    20 September 2021
  • When you’ve lived in a home for 20 to 40 years, you can collect lots of stuff. Allow a new buyer to see all the space they are buying and be able to think of it as a fresh palette.

    20 September 2021
  • It’s definitely the craziest market we’ve ever seen. We have a lot of demand here right now, so there’s people moving here from all over. A house comes on the market and in the same day it has like 20 offers on it.

    1 March 2021