Litha Ramirez

Executive Director, Product Management & User Experience UX at SPR
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Litha Ramirez, Director of Experience Strategy & Design Group at SPR, has a background in conceptual art and technology with experience across a variety of verticals and types of organizations. Litha leads the User Experience and Business Analysis teams at SPR. She has a strong track record of building high-performing, cross-functional teams that deliver innovative, effective and sustainable digital product solutions, and she’s often described by her team as a versatile, solutions-oriented fast talker who strives to provide services that make a difference in people’s lives and a company’s bottom line.

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  • Because more physical experiences will shift to digital, companies will have to work harder to stand out and build authentic connections with their employees and customers. Companies will have to get a grasp of how their brand is expressed in every end-user touchpoint and will need to ensure it reflects their values consistently and appropriately for every circumstance, from sales to instruction manuals to menus to customer service to invoices and receipts.

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    Executive Director, Product Management & User Experience UX