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Loren Weisman is a Messaging and Optics Strategist for the Fish Stewarding Group (FSG). Weisman keeps his focus on the communication, connotations, engagement, compliance and stability of each brand, persona or product.

Weisman has stayed up to date with the constant changes inside and outside of the entertainment industries over the past three decades as well as keeping up with the pulse and optics of content creation, marketing, promotion, and social media trends. This allows for the most authentically effective, and up to date consideration when applying the individualized and personalized methods, approaches and plans. He has been a part of over 700 albums as a drummer and music producer.

Loren also maintains TV productions credits for three major networks as well as serving as a media consultant for many businesses in and out of the arts and entertainment fields. Weisman got to see an array of the ins, outs, ups and downs of music, which he shared in “The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business” (Greenleaf Book Group) and “Music Business for Dummies” (Wiley & Sons). Shifting to TV production as well as authoring a few books on the music business, Loren gravitated toward the strategic production elements as much as he did the psychological ones as continued a path leading him in the direction of leaving entertainment and becoming a strategist.

FSG Interview Information Sheet for Loren Weisman

for media professionals, public relations, and content creators, producers, journalists, publicists, editors, on air talent, bloggers, reporters, podcasters, influencers, and researchers looking for an individual for an interview, commentary, opinion or differing views. This includes but is not limited to TV, Radio, Print, Podcasts, Blogs and other earned and no fee media placement opportunities.

Topics for Interview and Commentary

Below are the top tier, secondary tier and tertiary tier topics that he engages on with the most strength from substantiated opinions to educating to explaining to commentary.

Weisman Top Tier Topics:

Messaging and Optics as a whole

Messaging in Arts and Entertainment

Negative Messaging in Sales Culture and the AI/plagiarism problems

Comparison, Competition, Compliance and Connotations in Messaging

Narrative, Brand and Storytelling Foundations

Intention vs Perception in Messaging and Advertising

Optics and Compliance of Subjective and Objective messaging

Internet Messaging and differentiating popularity from authority

The stability and security of words, publicity and promotion

The prepackaged brands and messaging that is causing problems

* Weisman Second Tier Topics *

Understanding Messaging and how many are missing the mark.

How thinking politically in communication can help your business messaging.

Online compliance, the changes coming our way and what to do now.

Intention vs perception communication with customers and clients

Subjective vs Objective Communication in your messaging and marketing

Why it’s more expensive to promote when a brand doesn’t have correct messaging.

How messaging and marketing works for some and does not work for others.

Understanding the oversaturated messaging in media today.

The problem with listening to the life coach and motivational types.

Building an authority foundation instead of the expert and guru self proclamation.

* Weisman 10 Tertiary Tier Topics *

Differentiating steps & tips to separate those with authority from those with none.

How endurance content communication can create authentic engagement

How do you execute a three audience concept messaging style

How the 25% to 75% missing story hype can harm your business

How humility can beat hype and reach farther today

Learning to audit, revise and reset your messaging

Identifying the expired experts and the one time success coaches

Basic Formats and formulas of online messaging. Nothing to do with numbers.

How to build a sound foundation for a brand, its story and its authority

Online reputation management and preventative maintenance actions for 2023.

* Technical Interview Information Bullet Points *

Loren has over 20 years of experience in the media and has an understanding of how interviews work.

Simply put, he knows the cues to stop, understands you do not wear green and knows that the focus is always on the story and the host, not him.

Loren frames all answers with subjectivity, not using any bad language or raising his voice.

Loren does not interrupt hosts or other guests.

Loren will clearly differentiate subjective opinions from objective and proven facts.

He is there to help add authority and expertise, and not use an interview for self promotion.

For video, he is available in full suit and tie, down to relaxed casual. (Please request the look you are looking for in advance of the interview.)

For home video Interviews, Loren has a green screen as well as a full lighting system if needed.

Loren never self promotes during interviews. He stays to the topic and if asked, will share a website.

Unless asked to share, Loren does not take pictures or film himself being interviewed or exploit any interviewing situation in any way, shape or form.

Loren will follow the promotional guidelines or standards requested of an interview and not discuss the interview topic, interviewer or media outlet until asked to do so.

He has an understanding about holding on to a story and making sure it is not shared till the chosen news cycle.

For higher echelon and larger interviews and media opportunities, Loren is happy to discuss and agree to exclusivity with a given source as well as a fair wait time to appear or be interviewed by a competitive media group. These are on a case by case basis.

Loren retains the right to share or not share interviews on his website and social media if he chooses.

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  • Consider giving credit where credit is due.
    If you choose to use someone else’s authority, knowledge or expertise to amplify your popularity, likes and views, give credit where credit is due.
    Add a hashtag, a website link, or a social account.. or for that matter all three of those to the source of the content you are using.
    Many seem to skip that and make it all about themselves, their views, their pages.
    I invite you to choose a more honorable, respectful and professional path… especially when using other peoples material.
    In the end, consider sharing other peoples content the way you would want your content shared by other people.

  • Are you working with those that are reflecting authority or generating authority?

  • AI can only fool the fool who wants to be fooled. While AI can help to create an expert persona, product and presence… those that vet, double check and look for substantiated proof will find out the truth or see red flags and issues revealing questionable AI use and abuse.