Louisa Murray

VP, Head of Sales at Railsbank
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Giving businesses access to global banking with 5 lines of code.​

Railsbank is a banking and compliance platform that connects together a global network of partner banks with companies who want API access to global banking.

Railsbank simplifies on-boarding companies to our banking partners, then gives access via the Railsbank API to banking services such as creating digital ledgers, connecting digital ledgers to real bank accounts, issuing IBANs for ledgers, receiving money, sending money, converting money (FX), collecting money (direct debit), issuing cards, and managing credit.

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  • We’re delighted to lead the Wirex migration and especially pleased that it took less than 45 days to complete. Fintech companies from all over the world are migrating to Railsbank. We look forward to working closely with Wirex over the coming months.

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