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Founder and CEO at Rimidi
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Lucienne Ide is the Founder and CEO at Rimidi. Lucie brings her diverse experiences in medicine, science, venture capital and technology to bear in leading Rimidi’s strategy and vision. Motivated by the belief that we can do so much better as individuals, an industry and society, she left clinical medicine to join the ranks of healthcare entrepreneurs who are out to change healthcare for the better.

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  • This year COVID-19 has continued to bring challenges to hospitals and health systems. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and user experience to our customers and have worked diligently to help them address many challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. We're honored to partner with some of the largest health systems and medical centers in the nation to help them meet their needs through COVID and beyond, and knowing that they are pleased with our partnership is great recognition of the healthcare solutions we are passionate about and our team's commitment to client service.

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